Home Security System

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   eSecure's Q-series turn-key H.264 surveillance systems are suitable for home, or business environment. The kit includes eSecure’s New Feature-Packed DVR! In addition to live, record, and playback functionality, this powerful recorder offers advanced features such as EZ-Setup Wizard, multi-languange support, UPNP and more! This system is smart phone, touchpad compatible & support internet view via multiple browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Chrome– so you can watch live, stream video from anywhere in the world. Plus, this system is simple to install and features our easiest-to-use graphic interface!

  • H.264  High Compression Codec DVR
  • Viewable Over smart phone, touchpad and multi-browser
  • D1, HD1, CIF recording
  • Connects directly to your TV (BNC) or computer monitor (VGA) as well as HDTV (HDMI)
  • 2014 New Release Model#: ES00Q14P, ES00Q18P. Features P2P & QR Code Scan, 3G/Wifi Smartphone Monitoring